Blue Moon’s FIVE Most Expensive Graphic Tees

Blue Moon’s FIVE most expensive graphic tees in the world.



Everyone loves a comfy t-shirt and a lot of people know that t-shirts have been around for just shy of 100 years. But back in 1939, the graphic tee made its first on-screen appearance with workers wearing green tees pushing stuffing back into the scarecrow with a simple “OZ” written on them. Then in the 1950′s, Marlon Brando and James Dean used the tight fitting tee on screen to shock the nation and lift them to stardom. It wasn’t until later when Tropic Togs decided to put Disney’s iconic Micky Mouse on a shirt that really got the ball rolling for graphic tees.


Even then it wasn’t really until the 1960′s when bands started using screen printed tees as ways to promote themselves that graphic tees really grabbed hold. When bands figured out that there was a market for their merchandise, the true power of branded t-shirts finally caught everyone’s attention. After seeing this, major brands started plastering their logo’s on t-shirts and soon human billboards were walking all over the world. Soon smaller upstart companies would jump on the trend and start branding themselves the same way. They started using their logo’s in new and unique ways adding pops of color and reaching a new diverse audience. These upstarts started becoming icons in their own right, with some of their shirts becoming highly sought after by collectors.


And speaking of collectors, here’s a list of the 5 most expensive collectible t-shirts.


  1. The honor of being the world’s most expensive t-shirt goes to the Superlative Luxury. The t-shirts large price tag is do to the fact that it is covered diamonds and is 90% more eco-friendly than other t-shirts. ($400,000)
  2. Second place falls to the UNICEF Cargo Flight shirt. UNICEF has designed limited edition t-shirts for charity auctions for a long time. The shirts have always been popular with collectors, but this is the most popular so far. ($300,000)
  3. The honor of third place goes to HERMES who ventured into the t-shirt market with a t-shirt made of gold. A business man paid a hefty sum for the shirt and called it a dream come true.


  4. In 2013, the fashion house HERMES struck again by releasing black a crew neck t-shirt made of crocodile and chiffon at an astounding price. Not a surprise, but as of this writing, this shirt doesn’t have an owner. ($91,500)


  5. In fifth place, UNICEF makes it’s return. And there’s more to this t-shirt than price tag. Besides being a plain black HANES t-shirt it was made to commemorate the 1996 Olympic Games and all of it’s proceeds when to help children around the world. ($42,000)





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