Killer Freebies!

Killer Freebies! 4 reasons to love a freebie and 1 to watch for.   Everyone loves a freebie. But, the true power of a free giveaway actually goes a lot deeper. When someone gets something for free, they usually respond in some surprising ways. They either hold on to it or pass it on to

3 Things About Art Preparation

3 Things To Know About Art Preparation     When designing and preparing your custom artwork for printing on a t-shirt or any other garment you should take a few things into consideration in order to make sure it will look and print properly. Taking a few extra steps in the beginning can save you

Moon Mania! Cashing in on the solar Eclipse

3 Minutes of Moon Mania! Cashing in on the Solar Eclipse 2017!   With the solar eclipse less than a week away, many marketers are trying to cash in on the “once in a lifetime” event. There are millions of tourists are expected to flood the eclipse area from Oregon to South Carolina. Retailers like

Blue Moon’s FIVE Most Expensive Graphic Tees

Blue Moon’s FIVE most expensive graphic tees in the world.     Everyone loves a comfy t-shirt and a lot of people know that t-shirts have been around for just shy of 100 years. But back in 1939, the graphic tee made its first on-screen appearance with workers wearing green tees pushing stuffing back into

Is there power behind the color?

Is there power behind the color? The psychological meaning of colors has always interested me, and while experts disagree, simple color choices can send messages that we never even considered when choosing them. Color has the power to communicate without saying a word. The number one visual that people remember most is color. Surveys say

Our favorite blank t-shirts

Our favorite blanks. Choosing the right t-shirts can be a chore. There are literally hundreds of blank t-shirts to choose from, so we decided to list a few of our favorites to help you out. Keep in mind that all the shirts on the list are 100% cotton. When choosing a shirt, you have a

4 Ways to get your first t-shirt design noticed.

When coming up with a design for your first t-shirt, overthinking the process can take its toll on your imagination. But sometimes it’s the simplest design that sets the t-shirt apart.Whether its the iconic Rolling Stones lips                                 and tongue

Silicone Ink

Silicone inks are used to provide superior stretch on performance fabrics. Adding Silicone gives your performance garments extra “flexibility”, without adding any extra weight from regular Plastisol inks. Since Silicone inks are considered Eco-Friendly this adds to the appeal and adds another selling point. And with the demand for performance fabrics growing plus the advancements

What’s a Halftone?

What is a Halftone? By definition a halftone is a group of dots made up of varying sizes of dots that when viewed from a distance give the appearance of different tones of gray. While this is an accurate description, it’s also a simplified one. Halftones are actually a series of ellipses that are rastorized


Flashing is the process required to solidify the underbase so the top colors can be printed. Flashing slows down the production process and draws a lot of electricity (two flashed together draw 80A at 220V which is more than most households consume). DUe to the reduced printing speeds and additional electric costs incurred, there is

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