1 & 2 colors

The biggest difference we offer to our clients is the ability to print halftones rather well. Unlike most other screenprinting companies, we print the fine halftone work every day. Adding gradients, transitions and different shades of same color provides a significantly more appealing image. This in turn makes our customer’s customers much happier! In many cases the end user is willing to pay extra for such a design/print which translates in higher profit margins for you, our customer! In the end we are still using just ONE or TWO colors to print (there are no additional charges for halftone prints) so you are getting more print for your money! 

Most designs coming to us are done by professionals and they will know how to incorporate the halftone elements into the art. If this is not the case, we can provide in house art design or adjustments. We can also work with your designers and give them guidelines on what can and can not be done.

Ultimately, our goal is to make your customer happier by providing a better value for the money spent.


Please click on the One Color and Two Color pages and see for yourself what can be done with one or two screens.

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