And here is the actual plastisol print and the closeup:


By using halftones we can help you deliver more value and better prints to your customers!  You still pay for only ONE color, but deliver prints with additional details and shading.  It has been our experience that most of the end users are willing to pay more for a better print. The end result is a more appealing print at the same cost and a garment you can sell for a higher dollar amount and at the same time have a more satisfied customer. The above example is printed using plastisol which works well for one color prints on light garments or distressed designs on dark garments.



Discharge printing allows us to use one screen for designs going on dark garments (ink color is lighter than the garment). Due to higher costs involved with using discharge inks, there is a surcharge for using it and the required minimum is 48 pieces.

Similar to the print above, this is done with one color only. Please note that the screens used for the printing on light and dark garments are not the same. Whereas the ink on the first shirt is dark, the ink used on the following print is light and the design has to be inverted (negative) to provide the correct look.

Below is the image of an actual Discharge print with Fluorescent Green Ink on a Black Garment



value proposition


additional costs?

we will convert the art will dictate the print color (show exapmles)

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