Also known as CMYK or 4CP), it works well on white and very light color garments, but in some cases can be done on dark backgrounds too.  While the good quality Four Color Process printing is one of the hardest tasks in the garment printing industry, it pales in comparison with challenges involved in printing  CMYK on darker shirts. We are proud to say that we have won awards for these difficult prints at more than one competition!

As it’s name suggests, 4CP uses four set colors to recreate the images; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K). The colors are blended on the garment and are designed to blend seamlessly which in turn creates the colors not used in printing. In the image on the left, green color is generated by mixing the Cyan with Yellow. If we were printing an image with those three colors, we could eliminate the green screen and just blend the Yellow and Cyan to create the Green.


Example of the CMYK individual colors blending to create what appears to be a full color image:



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