Is there power behind the color?

Is there power behind the color?

The psychological meaning of colors has always interested me, and while experts disagree, simple color choices can send messages that we never even considered when choosing them. Color has the power to communicate without saying a word. The number one visual that people remember most is color. Surveys say color can increase a brands recognition up to 80%. Colors can stimulate the senses and can deliver a message in half the time of text. It also plays a large role in customer retention.

When it comes to branding yourself, the colors you choose can effect the consumer on both the emotional and psychological level. Studies show that colors can influence how a person views the personality of a brand and that the relationship between a brand and it’s color changes based on the perception for that brand. With that being said, let’s take a look at a few colors and what they mean.


The color of fire, danger and blood on one side, with love and passion on the other. It’s a bold and energetic color that conveys strength and power.


The color of compassion and tranquility. It’s a multifaceted color that can mean  trust, dependability and feeling depressed all at once. It is by far the most widely used.


Green has two common meanings, one being nature and the other being wealth. When it comes to nature, green stands for plant life. It’s used to convey being environmentally friendly and of course green is the color of money, and is therefore associated with wealth.


Black is a serious color. Black is another two-sided color that represents power, luxury and sophistication on one side and death and evil on the other. Black is a classic and shouldn’t be used lightly.



White is simplicity and innocence. White is balanced and calm. It conveys minimalist design and transparency. White is also a serious color often used in combination with another color to deliver it’s message.


Men’s favorite color: Blue (57%) Least favorite: Brown (27%)


Women’s favorite color: Blue (35%) Least favorite: Orange (33%)




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