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Nice Package!

HEY, Nice package! Have you ever considered just how much of an impact your packaging can have on your t-shirt sales? Okay, so we know that t-shirts are a visual art form. And we know that you need to market those t-shirts properly to attract customers. But have you given a thought to how you

The Hottest Design Trends to look for in 2018

The Hottest Design Trends to look for in 2018   Gradients, Duo-tones and colors that POP!:   A gradient, sometimes called a color transition or a color ramp, and duo-tones are making the rounds for 2018. Gradients are a visual technique of one color transitioning from one hue (shade) to another hue or shade. Duo-tones

Killer Freebies!

Killer Freebies! 4 reasons to love a freebie and 1 to watch for.   Everyone loves a freebie. But, the true power of a free giveaway actually goes a lot deeper. When someone gets something for free, they usually respond in some surprising ways. They either hold on to it or pass it on to

3 Things About Art Preparation

3 Things To Know About Art Preparation     When designing and preparing your custom artwork for printing on a t-shirt or any other garment you should take a few things into consideration in order to make sure it will look and print properly. Taking a few extra steps in the beginning can save you

Moon Mania! Cashing in on the solar Eclipse

3 Minutes of Moon Mania! Cashing in on the Solar Eclipse 2017!   With the solar eclipse less than a week away, many marketers are trying to cash in on the “once in a lifetime” event. There are millions of tourists are expected to flood the eclipse area from Oregon to South Carolina. Retailers like

Blue Moon’s FIVE Most Expensive Graphic Tees

Blue Moon’s FIVE most expensive graphic tees in the world.     Everyone loves a comfy t-shirt and a lot of people know that t-shirts have been around for just shy of 100 years. But back in 1939, the graphic tee made its first on-screen appearance with workers wearing green tees pushing stuffing back into

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