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Nice Package!

HEY, Nice package! Have you ever considered just how much of an impact your packaging can have on your t-shirt sales? Okay, so we know that t-shirts are a visual art form. And we know that you need to market those t-shirts properly to attract customers. But have you given a thought to how you

The Hottest Design Trends to look for in 2018

The Hottest Design Trends to look for in 2018   Gradients, Duo-tones and colors that POP!:   A gradient, sometimes called a color transition or a color ramp, and duo-tones are making the rounds for 2018. Gradients are a visual technique of one color transitioning from one hue (shade) to another hue or shade. Duo-tones

Killer Freebies!

Killer Freebies! 4 reasons to love a freebie and 1 to watch for.   Everyone loves a freebie. But, the true power of a free giveaway actually goes a lot deeper. When someone gets something for free, they usually respond in some surprising ways. They either hold on to it or pass it on to

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