Nice Package!

HEY, Nice package!

Have you ever considered just how much of an impact your packaging can have on your t-shirt sales?

Okay, so we know that t-shirts are a visual art form. And we know that you need to market those t-shirts properly to attract customers. But have you given a thought to how you ship those t-shirts to your customers?

A way to stand out in a crowded market is by showing off your design skills, starting with your packaging. This can create a unique point of reference for your customers so they get see that creativity up close. Great packaging is not only functional, but serves a secondary function, it can add perceived value to your brand and encourage word of mouth sales.

Packaging can come in every size, shape and color imaginable. The same way there are hundreds of different t-shirts to print on (100% cotton, poly-blends), the sheer amount of packaging options can be a little overwhelming. Often packaging is the first impression we get about a brand, but packaging also sends another message about that brand. In fact, as consumers, how a box looks and feels can easily be the biggest reason in our decision to buy that item. It’s hard to believe that a simple container can make a person decide on whether or not they like a shirt, but really, it’s not.

The right packaging can make a significant difference the customers willingness to make a purchase and their buying experience. Packaging can serve as an extension of a brand, a continuation of a brand message or another message all together. If you regularly ship t-shirts to your customers, you should realize that your packaging plays an important role in your marketing efforts. Not only is that packaging the first point of contact with the consumer, it serves as a traveling billboard that helps create a memorable buying experience while visually attracting others. So if you go out of your way to create something unique, something different, or something amazing, Chances are the customer that buys that really cool t-shirt, in the really cool box is going to want to come back and buy more. And maybe some of the people that wondered what was in that really cool box might shoot to your website and buy a shirt or three.

So should you design a package that can make that impact? While it’s not necessary for every brand, and there are a lot of things to think consider when designing a unique package. Here are 10 important questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about creating a package design to showcase your shirts:

Does it protect the t-shirts inside? It needs to keep the t-shirts safe and clean during its travels.

Does the design allow for easy shipping? Shipping methods are rough enough, will the delivery person hate carrying this design?

How easy is it for the customer to open? You shouldn’t need a degree to get this thing open.

Does the packaging communicate your brand identity? It needs to be an extension of your brand look.

Does the packaging clearly inform the customer on the product? Clear info on what to expect inside.

Does the design fit into your costing structure? The cost of the package shouldn’t add too much to your bottom line.

Does the design reflect the price point of your products? The brand message needs to stay the same. You can’t design a luxury box for an economy shirt or vice versa.

How durable does the packaging have to be? Is it disposable or reusable?

Are the materials sustainable or eco-friendly? This matters to a lot of consumers, it can be a selling or breaking point. If you are eco-friendly, this can be a great opportunity.

Does the package draw attention to your brand? Is it easily recognizable as your product? It should. The package is a traveling billboard, get all the right info on the box.
In the end, it can be a box, a bag, or something completely out of left-field. From classic brown paper to laser cut die-embossed 3d printed designs, the right packaging can make a world of difference to your brands appeal. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make a lasting impression your regular customers and potential customers. Packaging can be an extension of your brand and customers will want to associate a brand that says with something positive and the right package design is often the first thing that comes to mind.


Before we go, here are some artistic tips to help your packaging stand out:


Use bold, bright patterns. A great pattern can help you be seen across a crowded room.


Sometimes, simple is best. Simple doesn’t have to be boring. The classics are classics for a reason.


Create an experience. Create something that will leave a lasting impression.


Compliment your product. Make sure the message sends doesn’t contradict your brands message.


Tell a story. Use the package to continue or tell part of your brand’s story.


Limit your color palette. Limiting your colors can be both cost effective and beautiful.


Be funny, literal or over the top. Make it fun. If your brand is all about one of these points, use it.



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