What’s a Halftone?

What is a Halftone? By definition a halftone is a group of dots made up of varying sizes of dots that when viewed from a distance give the appearance of different tones of gray. While this is an accurate description, it’s also a simplified one. Halftones are actually a series of ellipses that are rastorized

Las Vegas Expo

We just returned from the UFG (United Franchise Group) Expo in Las Vegas. We are a preferred partner for the EmbroidMe franchise so Monday and Tuesday were spent talking to the customers and explaining in detail what makes us different. Thank you to everybody who stopped by!  

Pricing Calculator tutorials

We are working on Pricing Calculator tutorials. The first on is up already and it shows how to use it when printing with dark ink on lighter garments. First field is per LOCATION. For example, if front and back are printed, run the calculator once to get the front price and then the 2nd time

CPSIA Children 12 and under Phthalate and Lead Compliance

Before getting deeper into this subject, we would like point out that we are 100% compliant and will gladly print your garments for children 4-12 years old (we do not print on the toddler sized garments). As of earlier this year (January 2012), all children’s (12 and younger) products are required to have a recall

Golden Image Award at the 2012 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas.

We won a 3rd place award in the True Process Color on Dark Garments Category with BAD by Design. This is the second year in a row we have placed at this prestigious  competition. First and second place went to a company from Russia and all together four out of seven companies winning the awards

ISS/Impressions Magazine Competition

After not placing last year, we took home a gold and a silver this time around! We are very proud to announce that we were awarded a silver medal in the True Process Color Screen Printing category and  gold for the best print in the Multicolor Screen Printing on Light or Dark Garments. http://impressions.issshows.com/industry-news/Winners-of-the-2012–5679.shtml  


Flashing is the process required to solidify the underbase so the top colors can be printed. Flashing slows down the production process and draws a lot of electricity (two flashed together draw 80A at 220V which is more than most households consume). DUe to the reduced printing speeds and additional electric costs incurred, there is


blah, blah blah about the hellfire print add image and some closeups . . .


Discharge is a process where the garment dye is bleached out and replaced with colored ink of our choice. It provides a soft to the touch prints that are embedded into the fabric rather than sitting on top of it like plastisol. Discharge inks can be used to create smooth underbases for complex process and


Is the standard printing method used by the garment screenprinting industry. It uses polymer based inks that harden into solids when heated to 300 degrees. They are designed to sit on top of the garment and in some cases the deposit can be pretty thick (or as we affectionately call it . . . bulletproof).

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