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Silicone Ink

Silicone inks are used to provide superior stretch on performance fabrics. Adding Silicone gives your performance garments extra “flexibility”, without adding any extra weight from regular Plastisol inks.

Since Silicone inks are considered Eco-Friendly this adds to the appeal and adds another selling point. And with the demand for performance fabrics growing plus the advancements in silicone ink, it’s definitely worth considering as an added upgrade for your next order.

Developed by Nazdar in cooperation with Dow Corning, Silicone Ink is designed to be printed on Athletic Garments ( known under many names including Poly, Wicking or Moisture Management).

Current printing techniques requires a thick deposit that tends to crack with time and is uncomfortable to wear. The new Silicone based inks are very thin, bright, will not crack and are more flexible/stretchable than the fabric itself! This is the process currently in use by Nike and Under Armor for decorating their product. It has a slightly rubbery feel to it (just like the cooking utensils coated with Silicone, it is the same material after all).

The images will not do this product justice, so if you are marketing to the athletic teams, give us a call and will send you a sample!

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